Reception hours

8:00-14:00, 15:00-22:00
Night duty staff stays permanently.

Check in to room

You can keep your luggage before checking in time (8:00-15:00)

Check out of room

You can keep your luggage after checking out time (11:00-22:00)

Things to know

Please read Cancellation Policy, Terms and Condition and Accommodation Terms. here

Credit card accepted


Food service

No meals served. Self-catering kitchen is available for 24 hours.


Amenities such as teeth brush, hair brush and shave are not included as rom facilities. Rental bathtowel can be rented for 100JPY. Other amenities is sold for 150JPY.


All rooms is not eqquipped with a bathroom. Common bathrooms (toilet, lavatory and shower room) are on each floor. 24 hours available.

Internet access

Since free WiFi acceccpoint is equipped in each floor, you can get access to internet everywhere. There is a common computer available for free.


Smoking is allowed only in the designated area outside the building.

Rental bike

Free of charge for 3 hours! *700JPY/1day over 3 hours

Parking lot

We only have an only 1 car parking lot. We don't accept a reservation. (First come, first served). 700JPY/1night (until 11am next morning) There are some of parking lots nearby.


Washing machine : 200yen per load
Dryer : 100yen for 15 minutes